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Moorland Activities - Caving

The Peak District has some of the best caverns, disused mines and the deepest cave in England.


We organise trips underground for groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. Whether it’s your first trip underground, or you want to explore some of the more adventurous routes.


Moorland Adventure can introduce you to the stunning scenery and unique atmosphere of underground rivers, stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone formations that are normally hidden from view.

Caving with Moorland Adventure - sites across England
Moorland Adventure can introduce you to stunning scenery under our feet

The great thing about the caves we use is that they can be as challenging as you like.


Most of the caves can be a walk in and walk out, but with a little bit of investigation we can find enough squeezes and technical bits to interest the most adventurous members of the group.


For more information or to check availability please ring 07870 693816.


See our Contact Us page for our full contact details.

Our caving expeditions can be as adventurous as you like

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