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Moorland Activities - Winter Walking and Navigation

Moorland Adventure Winter Walking and Navigation courses are designed for the summer walker who wants to extend their season and sample the delights of some snow and to give you a sound knowledge of hill-craft, micro navigation, with the ability to move safely and competently over mountain/moorland terrain in any weather day and night.

Our courses are tailored to the needs and ability of the group or individual to develop hill and navigation skills such as:-


 - Route selection

 - Use of map symbols

 - Grid references

 - Contour lines

 - Use of a compass taking a bearing

 - Walking on a bearing

 - Aiming off

 - Timing

 - Pacing

 - Use of handrails/attack points

 - Slope aspect

 - Night navigation

 - Weather

 - Route cards

 - Emergency procedures

 - Search techniques  - Sweep / Expanding spiral


For more information or to check availability please ring 07870 693816.


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