Abseiling was originally intended as a means of retreating from a climb, but it has now grown into a stand alone activity.

It is incredibly safe but has a greater “Dare You” factor than most activities.

Woman abseiling at Tegg's Nose Country Park

At the bridge you can use a man-made structure, a redundant one at that, so you are now helping us re-cycle!

You can have a choice of abseiling down a pillar, so that your feet are in contact with the brickwork all the way down, or alternatively, go for the arch, which is over the River Wye. This gives you a 25 metre abseil of which 21 metres is free hanging.

We use a number of abseiling sites in the Peak District, mainly the disused quarry at Tegg’s Nose Country Park and Millersdale Bridge which is one of the most spectacular abseil sites in the Peak District. Both these venues fit nicely into our Environmental Policy of minimal impact.

At Tegg’s Nose we use the permanent belay bars and wooden edge protectors to set up a number of 15 metre abseils on some friendly rock. 

Child abseiling from viaduct

Moorland Adventure can offer 3 to 4 hour sessions at a time that will suit you.

Contact us via the form below or ring 07870 693816 to discuss further and start your adventure!

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