Moorland Adventure Coivd-19 Policy

Moorland Adventure Ltd Covid-19 Policy

Moorland Adventure is keen to get people back to outdoor activities, the risk of infection outdoors is greatly reduced, but there will be some changes to our operating procedures to minimise the possibility of any infection to clients and staff.

All events

  • Our participant to instructor ratio will be 8:1 with a maximum “bubble” size of 6 for groups, it can be higher if the group is from two households,
  • We will try to maintain social distancing where possible, to keep this to a minimum we will change or stop some of our regular activities.

Moorland Adventure will work to current government  guidelines


  • We will not use enclosed kayaks but these will be replaced by sit on tops.
  • Paddle boarding will go ahead as usual but wetsuits will NOT be available.
  • We will use smaller bays and easy access/egress areas for the canoeing.

Mountain sports

Climbing and abseiling will go ahead but participants will be asked to fit their own harnesses under instructor guidance, if necessary the instructors will wear a face mask.

Other Activities

  • Land based activities like archery, bushcraft etc. are still going ahead, group sizes may change .
  • To reduce the use of changing facilities participants will be encouraged to arrive in their activity clothes.
  • Toilets will be used on a “one in one out” basis
  • All our equipment will be cleaned prior to coming on site.
  • Instructors and participants will need to wash/sanitise their hands before and after each session.
  • Participants will be encouraged to bring their own food and drink
  • All equipment will be sanitised at the end of the day.
  • None of the instructors have displayed any recognised symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has, we expect the same procedures will apply to any people involved in the days.

We will try to ensure that social distancing and equipment contact is kept to a minimum, but Moorland Adventure cannot be held responsible for any Covid 19 infection.

This is a quick precis, we cannot give a definitive answer to some questions until we know the details of the planned session or activity.

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